Street food event highlights profit potential of lamb

Street food event highlights profit potential of lamb

AHDB Beef and Lamb hosted a street food pop-up event called Lamb: Discover A World of Taste in London recently to demonstrate the potential profit opportunities available to the foodservice sector by featuring more lamb on their menus.

AHDB Beef & Lamb - Street Food 6898To demonstrate lamb’s flavour and versatility and inspire chefs to try different cuts, four street food traders were invited along to the event and challenged to create dishes using Quality Standard Mark lamb.

AHDB Beef and Lamb’s master butcher, Martin Eccles, also provided a butchery demonstration, showing a range of innovative cuts and products that can be taken from a lamb carcase.

Event host, foodservice project manager for AHDB Beef and Lamb, Hugh Judd, said: “The street food phenomenon has swept the UK by storm. As lamb works so well in many different types of cooking, we thought what better way to showcase its versatility than invite four very different operators to show us what they could do with it. The results were truly inspirational and I hope they will encourage chefs and their suppliers to rediscover lamb.

Judd added: “Another benefit of featuring lamb on menus is that, at this time of year, lamb is at its best and is in plentiful supply, which makes the price more attractive. So it makes economic sense to sell a product that consumers love when there is so much good-quality, added value product around.”

The street food pop-up event forms part of AHDB Beef and Lamb’s autumn lamb campaign designed to provide foodservice operators with a variety of lamb recipes and cut inspiration.

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