Welsh lamb and beef meet target grades, HCC survey finds

Welsh lamb and beef meet target grades, HCC survey finds

New data reveals Welsh lamb and beef carcases broadly matched year-on-year numbers reaching processor target grades despite the very challenging impacts of the cost-of-living crisis and a hot, grass-limiting summer on farm production.

An abattoir survey issued by Hybu Cig Cymru-Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) described how over 61% of lambs processed at GB abattoirs achieved the target grades – which assess fat content and conformation – during 2022. This was slightly below the 63% achieved in 2021 but higher than the 2020 figure of 57%.

The information was collected from over 124,000 lamb carcases at abattoirs in Great Britain during 2022 and provides insight into how finished carcases were distributed across the industry-wide EUROP classification grid, which identifies conformation and fat class during the year.

“To maximise efficiency, we advise both lamb and beef producers to aim to meet customer and market specifications. It’s what the modern consumer wants and helps avoid any processing penalties,” explained Glesni Phillips, HCC’s market intelligence, analysis and business insight executive.

“It is encouraging that these figures are very close to those of 2021 and better than 2020 despite farmers having to overcome two significant challenges: limited grass growth, as Wales and the rest of Britain experienced a drier summer, and having to deal with the cost-of-living crisis pushing farm input costs higher.”

To read the full analysis, HCC’s Market Bulletin can be read on the HCC website here.

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