Fibrous casings market to grow steadily

Fibrous casings market to grow steadily

The fibrous casings market is expected to grow by over 4%, double the growth of the overall casings market, according to a report by Fact.MR.


Sausages and salami hold the highest share in fibrous casings market


The surge in growth has been attributed to an increase in processed meat consumption globally, thereby generating a significant demand from processed meat providers.

Fibrous casings are most commonly used across the processed meat industry due to their consistency in shape retention and higher shelf life.

In the report, Fact.MR documents how Europe accounts for the highest share in the fibrous casings market and is expected to show steady growth during the forecast period, with East Asia expected to present the highest growth potential in fibrous casings market.

In terms of application, sausages and salami hold the highest share in the fibrous casings market, accounting for more than 40% throughout the forecast period.

Small calibre fibrous casings have garnered significant demand in recent years and are expected to grow steadily.

An analyst from Fact.MR commented on the report: “Investments on increasing the production of clear fibrous casings is expected to present long term returns for fibrous casings manufacturers. The fibrous casings suppliers and distributors can benefit from increasing their presence in domestic markets, with collaborations with associated food chains and other small businesses.”

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