IAAS calls on Scottish red meat sector to back ‘Lamb Bank’ initiative

IAAS calls on Scottish red meat sector to back ‘Lamb Bank’ initiative

The Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland (IAAS) is asking the Scottish red meat industry to donate either lamb proceeds or money to deliver three tonnes of lamb to schools this autumn.

Source: IAAS

In the penultimate week for donations, the Lamb Bank has received a 300kg boost from meat processors and packers Woodhead Brothers in Turriff for North-East schools, as well as lamb and cash donations from farmers and businesses in the supply chain. With the contributions to date, 28,693 pupils in 189 schools will be cooking or eating lamb this November.

‘Lamb for St Andrew’s Day’ is a marketing initiative created in 2010 by auctioneers to boost lamb sales among consumers. Over the years, it has been supported by the Institute of IAAS, NFU Scotland, National Sheep Association and Quality Meat Scotland.

In 2020, IAAS redirected the initiative’s focus to schools, delivering 1.2 tonnes of lamb into canteens and Home Economics’ classrooms. IAAS also created the Lamb Bank in 2021, to amass donations from the industry with the ambitious goal to triple 2020’s achievement.

Farmers selling sheep via an IAAS mart can donate the proceeds from the sale into the Lamb Bank. Other businesses can make direct financial contributions.

“A chance to share the positive message”

Woodhead Brothers in Turriff has committed to donating 300kg of lamb, approximately 20 to 25 lambs, which will reach 3,000 pupils in schools in the North East. The team will also cut and pack all other donations in the region.

Department manager Gordon Taylor said: “We wanted to be part of this and to make a substantial contribution as we support everything it stands for. Not only does it give tens of thousands of school children the chance to taste and enjoy this tasty and nutritious food in a fun environment, but it will initiate important conversations in the classroom about climate change and is a chance to share the positive messages about rearing livestock in Scotland and sustainable eating.”

John Scott Meats, processor and wholesaler in Paisley, has committed to packing and delivering lamb for the rest of Scotland. IAAS said that director Jamie Scott is a long-standing supporter of the initiative, “with a strong commitment to making it work having seen the benefit to the whole industry of getting lamb in front of school children.”

According to IAAS, QMS will provide recipes “to inspire cooking in schools and homes, designed to appeal to young people and which can be made in 50 minutes.” This is part of a wider marketing campaign throughout November to encourage more people across Scotland to cook with lamb for St Andrew’s Day and throughout the rest of the year.

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