Poultry firm ordered to pay over £24,000 in costs and damages

Poultry firm ordered to pay over £24,000 in costs and damages

Bradford based Halal abattoir and poultry supplier, Yorkshire Poultry Products, has been ordered to pay over £24,000 in costs and damages for using bread baskets belonging to bakery equipment company Bakers Basco without its permission.

Bakers Basco’s bread baskets.

District judge Hickinbottom ruled at a hearing in the County Court in Bradford on 16th December that Yorkshire Poultry Products had misappropriated the equipment and should pay Bakers Basco almost £20,000 in damages, interest and fees, as well as over £4,500 in costs.

A restraining order to prevent future equipment losses was also secured against Yorkshire Poultry Products.

According to Bakers Basco, Yorkshire Poultry Products was using its bread baskets for the storage and transportation of meat products to customers.

Steve Millward, general manager at Bakers Basco, said: “Our recovery team tracked a sizeable amount of equipment to Yorkshire Poultry Products. It was clear they had been used to transport and store their own produce.

“Our baskets and dollies are meant for transporting bread, and only bread, safely, cost-effectively and in an environmentally-friendly way, and should not be used without our consent or for any other purpose.”

Meat Management contacted Yorkshire Poultry Products for comment, but at the time of publishing the company had not responded.

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