Welsh meat vending machine gains approval

Welsh meat vending machine gains approval

Meat supplier and slaughterhouse Cig Oen Caron in Tregaron, Wales has received approval for its proposed planning of two meat vending machines.

Two cuts of beef are in the centre of the frame, lying in the middle of a wooden board.
The approved vending machines will house specialty cuts of meat, available to locals round the clock.

The on-site building, which will house two vending machines, will be stocked with “locally-sourced specialty cuts” of meat daily.

Ceredigon County Council reported that the planning permission had been approved “subject to conditions”. Cyngor Tref Tregaron Town Council said it had “no comments/objections” to the planning application, while a member of the public expressed concerns over the safety and value of such a machine.

In the planning permission, owner of Cig Oen Caron said the vending machines were part of his vision to “diversify and compete with supermarkets”.

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