Mike Sheldon reappointed AHDB pork chairman

Mike Sheldon reappointed AHDB pork chairman

UK Ministers have reappointed Mike Sheldon as chairman of AHDB’s pork sector board for a second consecutive term.

Mike Sheldon.

As part of his role, Mike will continue to be a member of the main AHDB Board for another two years, ending 9 April 2022.

Mike said: “As the pig industry in the UK continues to adjust to new market environments in the wake of both Brexit and COVID-19, I am proud to be able to continue working with AHDB to deliver a difference to the farming sector at this time.”

This is a ministerial appointment, made by the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Ministers in the Scottish Government and Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Executive.

AHDB’s Sector strategy director for Pork, Angela Christison, said: “We are delighted that Mike has been appointed for a second term. This will ensure continuity in our work to support the reputation of British pork here and overseas. In doing so, we can optimise the value of each part of the pig and so too the returns to producers.”

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