Tönnies acquires UK sausage business Riverway Foods

Tönnies acquires UK sausage business Riverway Foods

German meat giant Tönnies Group has taken over British sausage producer Riverway Foods, to expand its market share in the UK.

Managing director for Tönnies UK market, Carsten Jakobsen.

Riverway Foods was founded in 1971 in Harlow, Essex, and over the following decades, the company has grown substantially.

S.C. Crosby (Wholesale Butchers) Ltd., part of Riverway Foods, was opened in 1982 and was its first shop with a fresh counter in London. The business subsequently moved into a new shop opposite London’s Smithfield Meat Market.

The company markets its products to various retailers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Tönnies is a German global multi-tier food industry company, which was founded in 1971 as a family-owned business. Its core activities are centred on the slaughtering, butchering and processing of pigs, sows and beef cattle.

Carsten Jakobsen, the managing director responsible for the Tönnies UK market said: “Together with the Crosby family, we want to expand our market share in the UK.

“Riverway Foods quality products fit together with our other Becketts and Direct Table products.”

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